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Semi Book-to-Bill Ratio
August, 2014 (prelim.)       1.04
July, 2014                        1.07
June, 2014                        1.10
May, 2014                        1.00
April, 2014                       1.03
March, 2014                      1.06
February, 2014                   1.01
January, 2014                     1.04
December, 2013                  1.02
November, 2013                  1.11
October, 2013                      1.05
September, 2013                  0.97
August, 2013                      0.98
July, 2013                         1.00
June, 2013                         1.10
May, 2013                         1.08
April, 2013                        1.08
March, 2013                       1.11
February, 2013                    1.10
January, 2013                      1.11
December, 2012                   0.92
November, 2012                  0.79
October, 2012                      0.75
September, 2012                  0.78
August, 2012                       0.82
July, 2012                           0.86
June, 2012                          0.93
May, 2012                           1.05
April, 2012                           1.10
March, 2012                         1.12
February, 2012                     1.01
January, 2012                       0.96
December, 2011                    0.85
November, 2011                    0.83
October, 2011                      0.74
September, 2011                   0.71
August, 2011                       0.80
July, 2011                           0.85
June, 2011                           0.94
May, 2011                           0.97
April, 2011                        0.98
March, 2011                        0.95
February, 2011                     0.87
January, 2011                       0.85
December, 2010                   0.90
November, 2010                   0.97
October, 2010                      0.98
September, 2010                  1.03
August, 2010                      1.17
July, 2010                         1.23
June, 2010                        1.18
May, 2010                        1.13
April, 2010                        1.13
March, 2010                      1.21
February, 2010                   1.23
January, 2010                    1.23
December, 2009                 1.07
November, 2009               1.06
October, 2009                  1.09
September, 2009              1.17
August, 2009                  1.06
July, 2009                     1.06
June, 2009                      0.80
May, 2009                      0.73
April, 2009                    0.65
March, 2009                 0.56
February, 2009             0.49
January, 2009               0.47
December, 2008           0.86
November, 2008           0.97
October, 2008               0.96
September, 2008           0.70
August, 2008               0.81
July, 2008                     0.83
June, 2008                   0.81
May, 2008                   0.78
April, 2008                 0.82
March, 2008               0.87
February, 2008          0.92
January, 2008             0.89
December, 2007        0.85
November, 2007        0.82
October, 2007            0.80
September, 2007       0.79
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The Home Page

Welcome to ANALOGandDSP, your first stop when you're looking for information about analog design, analog design tools, digital signal processing (DSP) hardware software and tools, FPGAs/CPLDs, SoCs, mixed-signal design, digital design, ASIC design, and engineering jobs. If you're a first-time visitor, we suggest that you go to About ANALOGandDSP for a complete description of the site and everything you'll find here.

Today's News

Featured News

TI Introduces Industry’s First Fully Integrated High-Brightness LED Matrix Manager, Makes Possible Adaptive Automotive Headlighta in Future Cars

October 16, 2014 -- Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced industry’s first fully integrated high-brightness LED matrix manager IC for adaptive automotive headlight systems. The TPS92661-Q1 is compact and scalable to enable automobile manufacturers to create innovative LED headlamps that vary beam patterns and intensity dynamically for optimum roadway illumination and enhanced driver safety. ... read more

Analog Devices Delivers Industry’s Highest Signal Bandwidth Dual 16-bit 2.8-GSPS D/A Converter

October 15, 2014 -- Analog Devices, Inc. introduced today industry's first 2.8-GSPS dual 16-bit converter for telecommunications system manufacturers that require microwave frequencies in point-to-point wireless backhaul equipment. The 16-bit AD9136 and 11-bit AD9135 dual D/A converters achieve up to 70 percent higher signal bandwidth than competing devices while enabling designers to support emerging E-band (71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz) frequencies being adopted by wireless carriers to support steadily increasing demand for high-speed mobile voice and data transfers. The new converters have a maximum sample rate of 2.8 GSPS, which enables multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. ... read more

News since Thursday, October 9, 2014

Altera Introduces Integrated PowerSoCs That Comply With AEC-Q100 Temperature Grade 2

IR Announces 650-V Trench IGBTs Welding, Solar, Industrial Motors, Induction Heating and UPS Applications

Linear Technology Announces 20-dB Gain Broadband Differential Amplifier That Delivers 51-dBm OIP3 Linearity and 2.9-dB Noise Figure

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Screw-Terminal Power Aluminum Capacitors That Feature 10,000 Hour Lifetime at +85 °C

Atmel Announces Dual-Core Secure MCUs For Advanced Smart Energy Applications

Intel Introduces Technology to Help Bridge Retail Security Gap, Drive Adoption of the Internet of Things

Mellanox Introduces Gigabit Ethernet Switches for Hyperscale and Cloud Data Centers

Renesas Electronics Announces Industry's First 40-nm Microcontrollers for Automotive Chassis Systems Requiring ASIL D Safety Standards

STMicroelectronics Announces Rad-Hard Shunt Voltage References for Aerospace Featuring 5-ppm Temperature Coefficient

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Integrated IGBT Power Modules for Solar Inverters

eInfochips Announces CAN 2.0 Verification IP for Automotive Control

IEEE Forms Standards Coordinating Committee for a Connected, Automated, Intelligent and Electric Future for Transportation

Microchip Introduces Industry's First Development Platform for 2D Multi-touch and 3D Gestures

Peregrine Semiconductor Enables a Dual-Band Architecture for DOCSIS 3.1 Devices

Synopsys Announces Verification Planning and Coverage Analysis with Verdi Coverage

Synopsys Releases DesignWare ARC HS38 Processor IP

TI Announces Industry's First 24-V, Sinusoidal, Sensorless, Brushless DC Motor Driver for Quiet Operation in Fan and Small Pump Applications

Vishay Intertechnology Enhances QUAD HIFREQ Series MLCCs for Telecom, Medical, Military, and Industrial Applications

Xilinx and Aquantia Extend Capabilities of Existing Copper Cabling Infrastructure for Data Center, Mobile, Enterprise and Video Applications to 2.5-GbE and 5-GbE Up to 100 meters of Cat 5e Cables

Xilinx and SAI Technology Announce Availability of Industry's First All Programmable Software Defined Radio Reference Design for LTE User Equipment

Cypress Announces Touchscreen Controller for Large-Screen Superphones and Tablets That Features Industry's Best Gloved-Finger Tracking

Linear Technology Announces 2.7V-60V Input, 250mA Linear Battery Charger Featuring 4µA Quiescent Current and Multi-Chemistry (Li-Ion/Polymer, Lead-Acid or NiMH) Charging

Melexis Announces Fixed Point Magnetic Linear Hall Effect Sensor That Meets the Demands of Harsh Environments

Wind River Announces New Release of Its Embedded Linux as Binary Code

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Featured Newspaper & Magazine Articles

What? You don't have subscriptions to all of the leading trade publications? Well, there's no need to miss anything because you'll find most of the feature articles about analog design and DSPs indexed here.

Featured Online Articles

Impedance Measurements Stabilize Op-Amp Buffers

October 10, 2014 -- The unity-gain op amp (operational amplifier) buffer circuit is routinely used to transform high-impedance inputs into low-impedance outputs. ADC (analog-to-digital converter) voltage references are also frequently buffered to reduce the voltage reference noise resulting from the ADC sampling current. ... read more

Online since Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three Paths to a Free DAC

Position Encoding in Battery-Powered Electronics

7 Tricks for Estimating Battery Life Accurately

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Featured Webinars

Interfacing GSPS Data Converters to FPGAs

October 22, 2014, 12:00 noon EDT -- A new generation of high-performance GSPS data converters are poised to simplify wideband RF architectures and greatly enhance system capabilities. This webcast explores the conversion technology as featured on a reference design and quick-start FPGA-friendly prototyping module. Topics covered include: GSPS ADC & DAC IC technology, an overview of the JESD204B interface, and the software that makes the converters and FPGA work together seamlessly.

Who Should Attend:

  • RF systems integrators and RF system design engineers working in the communications. infrastructure. RF instrumentation or defense electronics fields.
  • Engineers interested in high-speed ADCs / DACs and wideband data acquisition.

Speakers: Charly El-Khoury has over 7 years experience with Analog Devices and is currently the lead System Applications Engineer in the Global Alliance Group.

Registration required.

learn more

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Recommended Tutorials & White Papers

Analysis of the Pixel Resolution in Image Sensors for Digital Still Cameras

September 17, 2014 -- Recently there has been no obvious increase in the pixel numbers in the interchangeable lens DSC markets. This could be that the pixel resolution has already reached its optimum quality for practical use or customers have understood the disadvantage of high resolution. The optical specification of a DSC decides the total sensing area of an image sensor; in a case of the same image size, if the pixel number becomes larger, each pixel size becomes smaller. The performance of imaging systems must continuously improve as the FHD standard evolves to a UHD standard and new requirements for image sensor performance, coupled with pixel resolution, evolve. ... read more

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Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

Electronica, November 11-14, 2014, Munich Trade Fair Centre -- The "electronica" event is the world's leading trade show for the electronics industry. Since 1964, it has taken place every two years in Munich, Germany. Messe München International (MMI, Munich Trade Fairs International Group) organizes this trade show as part of its "Global electronics" network, which includes electronica, Productronica, and LASER.World of Photonics, which are the world’s leading trade shows in their industry sectors. The network also includes premier regional trade shows in Brazil, Hong Kong, China and India. Some 2786 exhibitors and 78,000 visitors are expected to attend electronica 2014. With a total of over 8,000 exhibiting companies and more than 280,000 attendees for the "Global electronics" events, MMI is one of the world's leading trade show organizers in this sector. ... read more

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