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October, 2014 (prelim.)       0.93
September, 2014                0.94
August, 2014                   1.04
July, 2014                        1.07
June, 2014                        1.10
May, 2014                        1.00
April, 2014                       1.03
March, 2014                      1.06
February, 2014                   1.01
January, 2014                     1.04
December, 2013                  1.02
November, 2013                  1.11
October, 2013                      1.05
September, 2013                  0.97
August, 2013                      0.98
July, 2013                         1.00
June, 2013                         1.10
May, 2013                         1.08
April, 2013                        1.08
March, 2013                       1.11
February, 2013                    1.10
January, 2013                      1.11
December, 2012                   0.92
November, 2012                  0.79
October, 2012                      0.75
September, 2012                  0.78
August, 2012                       0.82
July, 2012                           0.86
June, 2012                          0.93
May, 2012                           1.05
April, 2012                           1.10
March, 2012                         1.12
February, 2012                     1.01
January, 2012                       0.96
December, 2011                    0.85
November, 2011                    0.83
October, 2011                      0.74
September, 2011                   0.71
August, 2011                       0.80
July, 2011                           0.85
June, 2011                           0.94
May, 2011                           0.97
April, 2011                        0.98
March, 2011                        0.95
February, 2011                     0.87
January, 2011                       0.85
December, 2010                   0.90
November, 2010                   0.97
October, 2010                      0.98
September, 2010                  1.03
August, 2010                      1.17
July, 2010                         1.23
June, 2010                        1.18
May, 2010                        1.13
April, 2010                        1.13
March, 2010                      1.21
February, 2010                   1.23
January, 2010                    1.23
December, 2009                 1.07
November, 2009               1.06
October, 2009                  1.09
September, 2009              1.17
August, 2009                  1.06
July, 2009                     1.06
June, 2009                      0.80
May, 2009                      0.73
April, 2009                    0.65
March, 2009                 0.56
February, 2009             0.49
January, 2009               0.47
December, 2008           0.86
November, 2008           0.97
October, 2008               0.96
September, 2008           0.70
August, 2008               0.81
July, 2008                     0.83
June, 2008                   0.81
May, 2008                   0.78
April, 2008                 0.82
March, 2008               0.87
February, 2008          0.92
January, 2008             0.89
December, 2007        0.85
November, 2007        0.82
October, 2007            0.80
September, 2007       0.79
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The Home Page

Welcome to ANALOGandDSP, your first stop when you're looking for information about analog design, analog design tools, digital signal processing (DSP) hardware software and tools, FPGAs/CPLDs, SoCs, mixed-signal design, digital design, ASIC design, and engineering jobs. If you're a first-time visitor, we suggest that you go to About ANALOGandDSP for a complete description of the site and everything you'll find here.

Today's News

Featured News

MACOM Successfully Completes $230 million Cash Acquisition of BinOptics Corporation

December 16, 2014 -- M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. today announced that it has successfully completed its previously announced acquisition of BinOptics Corporation, a merchant provider of Indium Phosphide lasers for Data Centers, Mobile Backhaul, Silicon Photonics and Access Networks, in an all-cash transaction valued at $230 million. ... read more

News since Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Broadcom Introduces Industry's First GPS-enabled Device for Satellite Outdoor Units to Facilite Installation and Servicing

Diodes Incorporated Introduces Chip-Scale Bi-Directional MOSFETs That Enable Higher Capacity Lithium Batteries

Mellanox Delivers Open Ethernet Switch Abstraction Interface

Mobiveil Announces Fully Compliant RapidIO 10xN (Gen 3) Digital Controller IP Supporting Multi-Channel DMA, Data Message and Data Streaming at 40Gbps

Vishay Intertechnology Announces Low-Profile, 30-A Inductor That Lowers Costs and Saves Space With Integrated E-Shield

Altera Releases Quartus II Software v14.1 That Enables TFLOPS Performance in Industry's First FPGA with Hardened Floating Point DSP Blocks

Lattice Semiconductor Announces Industry’s Lowest Power “Always Listening” Voice Detection and Recognition for Mobile Devices

On Semiconductor Introduces Power Factor Corrected Ac-Dc Drivers for LED Lighting

Silicon Image Announces Automotive Grade MHL Products for In-Vehicle Infotainment

Murata Completes Acquisition of Peregrine Semiconductor

IR Introduces Dual Power MOSFET in 4x5 PQFN Power Block Package That Offers Compact DC-DC Power Conversion

QuickLogic Announces 150-µW Wearable Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Integrated DrMOS 40-A Power Stages for Multiphase POL Regulators

Analog Devices Unveils Direct Conversion Receiver Development Platform for Radar Systems

Avago Announces 16-Port 12Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters

Diodes Incorporated Announces Industry's First 0.36mm2 Transistors

Linear Technology Introduces 42V, 5A (IOUT), Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher That Delivers 95% Efficiency at 2MHz With Ultralow EMI/EMC Emissions

Texas Instruments Launches Industry's First ISO 15693-compliant 13.56-MHz Highly Integrated NFC Sensor Transponder for Industrial, Medical, Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT)

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Trench PT and FS IGBT Platform That Reduces Conduction and Switching Losses for High Efficiency Motor Drives

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Featured Newspaper & Magazine Articles

What? You don't have subscriptions to all of the leading trade publications? Well, there's no need to miss anything because you'll find most of the feature articles about analog design and DSPs indexed here.

Featured Online Articles

Envelope Tracking Makes CMOS PAs Possible in 4G Smartphones

December 11, 2014 -- In recent years, CMOS power amplifiers (PAs) have made significant inroads into the cost-sensitive GSM GPRS and 3G markets. While this has taken some market share away from traditional GaAs PAs, the fact remains that when it comes to high-end 3G and LTE applications, CMOS PAs continue to be limited in their performance and GaAs continues to dominate in these applications. In particular, the “soggy” compression characteristic of CMOS results in poor linearity, which is a key requirement for 4G waveforms with high peak-to-average power ratios (PAPR). ... read more

FPGA-based FSK/PSK Modulation

December 11, 2014 -- Binary FSK(Frequency Shift Keying) and PSK(Phase Shift keying) are extensively used in telecommunication for digital data transmission. FSK/PSK modulator circuits usually employ analogue components such as VCO (voltage control oscillator), RF Mixer, and Level-shifter, with limited frequency range and whose performance drifts with variation in environmental temperature and duty cycle. An FPGA-based all-digital implementation ensures constant optimum performance and reconfigurability. ... read more

Sensor Fusion Enhances Device Performance

December 10, 2014 -- With the ongoing revolution in powerful and intelligent device development such as smart phones, new applications are being enabled at a rapid pace and system development often fails to keep up with new and changing requirements. Today, new applications such as indoor navigation and augmented reality, which make use of motion or positional data, require users to accept a somewhat crude sensor fusion implementations originally developed for simple gaming applications. Now, however, end users easily notice the considerable shortcomings and inaccuracies of the implementations. ... read more

Online since Sunday, November 16, 2014

Demystifying the Conversion Error Rate of High Speed ADCs

Single/Dual Amplifier Configurations for Driving Unipolar Precision ADCs (Part 1)

More Online Articles

Featured Webinars

Demystifying Dynamic Range in GSPS A/D Converters

December 17, 2014. 12:00 Noon EST -- For gigasample per second ADCs, one of the most important measures of dynamic range performance is SFDR. It defines the capability of the ADC and the system to decipher a carrier signal from noise, interferers, or any other spurious frequency. This webcast examines the SFDR specification, how it is described in converter datasheets, the architectures that limit or maximize the ADC performance, and system design aspects that limit SFDR performance.

Who Should Attend:

Engineers interested in the following:

  • high-speed ADCs,
  • high-speed DACs,
  • wideband data acquisition,
  • Communications infrastructure,
  • RF instrumentation,
  • Defense electronics,
  • RF system design engineers,
  • RF systems integrators.

Speaker: Ian Beavers, is an applications engineer for the High Speed A/D Converters team at Analog Devices, Greensboro, N.C., with more than 18 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Registration required.

learn more

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Recommended Tutorials & White Papers

Understanding Automotive Reliability and ISO 26262 for Safety Critical Systems

November 24, 2014 -- Automotive electronics play a critical role in today's automotive safety systems. While standards like ISO 26262 provide a framework for robust and reliable design and verification practices, it can be challenging to comply with these standards throughout the entire design process. A new class of IC reliability verification tool is helping designers ensure their designs satisfy these demanding safety and performance standards.

By Matthew Hogan, Mentor Graphics. ... read more

Ensuring Interoperability in Internet of Things (IoT)

November 10, 2014 -- The presence of multiple communication technologies and wide variety of protocol implementation makes interoperability a big challenge in the IoT ecosystem. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to develop highly interoperable products and solutions to ensure success in the IoT market. ... read more

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Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

IEDM, 2014 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, December 13-17, 2014, Hilton San Francisco Union Square -- ... read more

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9, 2015, Las Vegas Convention Center -- The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry. And because it is owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the technology trade association representing the $203 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a forum where the industry’s most relevant issues are addressed. ... read more

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