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June, 2014 (prelim.)           1.09
May, 2014                        1.00
April, 2014                       1.03
March, 2014                      1.06
February, 2014                   1.01
January, 2014                     1.04
December, 2013                  1.02
November, 2013                  1.11
October, 2013                      1.05
September, 2013                  0.97
August, 2013                      0.98
July, 2013                         1.00
June, 2013                         1.10
May, 2013                         1.08
April, 2013                        1.08
March, 2013                       1.11
February, 2013                    1.10
January, 2013                      1.11
December, 2012                   0.92
November, 2012                  0.79
October, 2012                      0.75
September, 2012                  0.78
August, 2012                       0.82
July, 2012                           0.86
June, 2012                          0.93
May, 2012                           1.05
April, 2012                           1.10
March, 2012                         1.12
February, 2012                     1.01
January, 2012                       0.96
December, 2011                    0.85
November, 2011                    0.83
October, 2011                      0.74
September, 2011                   0.71
August, 2011                       0.80
July, 2011                           0.85
June, 2011                           0.94
May, 2011                           0.97
April, 2011                        0.98
March, 2011                        0.95
February, 2011                     0.87
January, 2011                       0.85
December, 2010                   0.90
November, 2010                   0.97
October, 2010                      0.98
September, 2010                  1.03
August, 2010                      1.17
July, 2010                         1.23
June, 2010                        1.18
May, 2010                        1.13
April, 2010                        1.13
March, 2010                      1.21
February, 2010                   1.23
January, 2010                    1.23
December, 2009                 1.07
November, 2009               1.06
October, 2009                  1.09
September, 2009              1.17
August, 2009                  1.06
July, 2009                     1.06
June, 2009                      0.80
May, 2009                      0.73
April, 2009                    0.65
March, 2009                 0.56
February, 2009             0.49
January, 2009               0.47
December, 2008           0.86
November, 2008           0.97
October, 2008               0.96
September, 2008           0.70
August, 2008               0.81
July, 2008                     0.83
June, 2008                   0.81
May, 2008                   0.78
April, 2008                 0.82
March, 2008               0.87
February, 2008          0.92
January, 2008             0.89
December, 2007        0.85
November, 2007        0.82
October, 2007            0.80
September, 2007       0.79
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The Home Page

Welcome to ANALOGandDSP, your first stop when you're looking for information about analog design, analog design tools, digital signal processing (DSP) hardware software and tools, FPGAs/CPLDs, SoCs, mixed-signal design, digital design, ASIC design, and engineering jobs. If you're a first-time visitor, we suggest that you go to About ANALOGandDSP for a complete description of the site and everything you'll find here.

This Week's News

Featured News

Dassault Systèmes to Acquire Quintiq for €250 million Cash

July 24, 2014 -- Dassault Systèmes today announced that it has signed a definitive share purchase agreement to acquire Quintiq, a provider of on-premise and on-cloud supply chain and Operations Planning and Optimization software, for approximately €250 million. With 800 employees, Quintiq, whose offerings include production, logistics and workforce planning applications, are used today by 250 customers, at 1,000 sites, in more than 90 countries. ... read more

News since Friday, July 18, 2014

Exar Releases PowerArchitect 5.1 Power Design Tool

Linear Technology Announces 17V, Synchronous Step-Down Regulator That Delivers Dual 1A Outputs with 95% Efficiency and Requires Only 5µA Quiescent Current

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. Acquires Sensima Technology SA

Solar3D Completes Third Generation 25.47%-Efficient Solar Cell Working Prototype

TI Announces DC/DC Switching Regulator for Bus-Powered Power Management

Cadence Introduces Three OrCAD PCB Products

IDT Announces Industry's First 1.5 Volt PCI Express Clock Buffer Family Featuring Industry-leading Size (4×4mm) and Power (40mW)Savings

Linear Technology Introduces 60V Synchronous Boost Controller Featuring Up to 98% Efficiency

MACOM Launches 15 W X-Band High Power Amplifier for Radar

Mentor Graphics Launches Xpedition Data Management Design to Ensure Flow-Wide PCB Data Accuracy, Integrity, and Security for the Enterprise

Microsemi Acquires Mingoa

Power Integrations Announces Switching ICs That Meet 2016 DoE 6 EPS Efficiency Regulations for Smartphone and Tablet Chargers

Exar Introduces 40V COT Controller Delivering 0.008%/V Line Regulation

Intel Introduces Solid-State Drive for Business

Microchip Announces MOST Reference Designs for Creating Automotive Infotainment Systems

On Semiconductor Introduces Integrated Lithium-ion Battery Protection Controller for Smartphones and Tablets

Pulse Electronics’ Introduces SMD Gate Drive Transformers Featuring HIPOT of 2700VDC, High Power Density, and Excellent Coplanarity

Real Intent Unveils Debug Enhancements in New Version of Ascent IIV for Static Verification of Digital Designs

Spansion Introduces 3-Channel DC-to-DC PMIC in a Single-Chip

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays Featuring Gold Terminations for Conductive Gluing, With Relative Tolerance Down to ±0.05 %, and Relative TCR Down to ±5 ppm/K

Hexagon Acquires Vero Software

Intersil Announces Digital Power Monitor Featuring Industry's Widest Common Mode Input Voltage Range of 0-60V

Lattice Semiconductor Announces FPGAs for Small Cell and Broadband Access Applications

Older News

Featured Newspaper & Magazine Articles

What? You don't have subscriptions to all of the leading trade publications? Well, there's no need to miss anything because you'll find most of the feature articles about analog design and DSPs indexed here.

Featured Online Articles

Define Analog Sensor Interfaces In IoT SoCs

July 1, 2014 --Also known as “smart everything,” the Internet of Things (IoT) is grabbing headlines across the industry. As any great new technology, it comes wrapped in shiny paper that touts it as the solution for all things connected, be it the online tracking of the merchandise in a truck across the continent, the automatic sensing of the color of toast in the toaster, or measuring the number of steps walked in a day. ... read more

Two Views of the Post PC World - Automata Processor and TOMI Celeste, Part 3: Ray Kurzweil's Crazy Dream

July 1, 3024 -- Kurzweil is not the only mad scientist racing headlong into this brave new post-PC world. Palm founder Jeff Hawkins has spent a decade developing his "Heretical Temporal Memory" model of the human cortex. Similarly in Hong Kong, Ben Goertzel has been flogging his "Probabilistic Logic Network" to implement artificial general intelligence.

By Russell Fish. ... read more

Online since Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bitcoin: A Technological and Economic Game Changer?

DDR4 Memory Interface: Solving PCB Design Challenges

Reduce Your Electricity Bill - Start With an Efficient A/C Design

Wearable Computing Meets Bluetooth Smart

More Online Articles

Featured Webinars
High-Performance GSPS Data Converters Improve RADAR and EW Architectures

July 30, 2014, 12:00 noon EDT -- In recent years gigasample per second ADCs have been pushing the data conversion stage closer and closer to the antenna. But when analog bandwidths reach 1-2 GHz, in many cases the dynamic AC performance of current GSPS ADCs is severely limited by the linearity and noise spectral density of the converter. In this webinar, we'll discuss the advantages of going to new improved GSPS converters and the impact on Radar and Electronic Warfare systems.

Who Should Attend:

  • RF Design Engineers
  • RF Systems Engineers
  • Software/Digital Engineers
  • FPGA Programmers

Registration required.

learn more

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Recommended Tutorials & White Papers

Integrating BLDC Motors with Li-ion Batteries in Motor Drive Applications

July 9, 2014 -- The market for battery powered motor driven products is growing rapidly with the introduction of brushless motors and Li-ion batteries, and because of their ability to extend operating time, even traditional markets are upgrading to these new devices. Read this white paper to learn how the latest MOSFET bridge drivers enable designers to take advantage of new features and reduce the challenges associated with integrating brushless DC (BLDC) motors with Li-ion batteries. ... read more

More Tutorials, White Papers, etc.

Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

Intel Developer Forum (IDF), September 9-11, 2014, Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco -- IDF is where people from every part of the technology world gather to hear about Intel’s latest advances and witness its vision for the future first-hand. With hundreds of sessions, keynote presentations from top Intel leaders, and a strong set of sponsoring organizations from across the industry, IDF provides a rare chance to engage and learn across the entire compute continuum. ... read more

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