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Semi Book-to-Bill Ratio
January, 2015 (prelim.)       1.03
December, 2014                0.99
November, 2014               1.02
October, 2014                   0.93
September, 2014              0.94
August, 2014                   1.04
July, 2014                        1.07
June, 2014                        1.10
May, 2014                        1.00
April, 2014                       1.03
March, 2014                      1.06
February, 2014                   1.01
January, 2014                     1.04
December, 2013                  1.02
November, 2013                  1.11
October, 2013                      1.05
September, 2013                  0.97
August, 2013                      0.98
July, 2013                         1.00
June, 2013                         1.10
May, 2013                         1.08
April, 2013                        1.08
March, 2013                       1.11
February, 2013                    1.10
January, 2013                      1.11
December, 2012                   0.92
November, 2012                  0.79
October, 2012                      0.75
September, 2012                  0.78
August, 2012                       0.82
July, 2012                           0.86
June, 2012                          0.93
May, 2012                           1.05
April, 2012                           1.10
March, 2012                         1.12
February, 2012                     1.01
January, 2012                       0.96
December, 2011                    0.85
November, 2011                    0.83
October, 2011                      0.74
September, 2011                   0.71
August, 2011                       0.80
July, 2011                           0.85
June, 2011                           0.94
May, 2011                           0.97
April, 2011                        0.98
March, 2011                        0.95
February, 2011                     0.87
January, 2011                       0.85
December, 2010                   0.90
November, 2010                   0.97
October, 2010                      0.98
September, 2010                  1.03
August, 2010                      1.17
July, 2010                         1.23
June, 2010                        1.18
May, 2010                        1.13
April, 2010                        1.13
March, 2010                      1.21
February, 2010                   1.23
January, 2010                    1.23
December, 2009                 1.07
November, 2009               1.06
October, 2009                  1.09
September, 2009              1.17
August, 2009                  1.06
July, 2009                     1.06
June, 2009                      0.80
May, 2009                      0.73
April, 2009                    0.65
March, 2009                 0.56
February, 2009             0.49
January, 2009               0.47
December, 2008           0.86
November, 2008           0.97
October, 2008               0.96
September, 2008           0.70
August, 2008               0.81
July, 2008                     0.83
June, 2008                   0.81
May, 2008                   0.78
April, 2008                 0.82
March, 2008               0.87
February, 2008          0.92
January, 2008             0.89
December, 2007        0.85
November, 2007        0.82
October, 2007            0.80
September, 2007       0.79
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The Home Page

Welcome to ANALOGandDSP, your first stop when you're looking for information about analog design, analog design tools, digital signal processing (DSP) hardware software and tools, FPGAs/CPLDs, SoCs, mixed-signal design, digital design, ASIC design, and engineering jobs. If you're a first-time visitor, we suggest that you go to About ANALOGandDSP for a complete description of the site and everything you'll find here.

This Week's News

Featured News

Micron and Intel Unveil 3D NAND, Industry's Highest Density Flash Memory, Enabling 3.5-TB Thumb Drives

March 26, 2015 -- Micron Technology, Inc. and Intel Corporation today revealed availability of their 3D NAND technology, the world’s highest-density flash memory. Flash is the storage technology used inside the lightest laptops, fastest data centers, and nearly every cellphone, tablet and mobile device. ... read more

News since Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cypress Expands Traveo Automotive MCU with 3D

TI Introduces Industry's First High-Side Smart Power Switch with Programmable Current Limit for Powertrain and Automotive Body Electronics

Broadcom Announces Cable Broadband Optimized for Multi-dwelling Units in China

Synopsys Delivers ASIP Designer Tool That Speeds Development of Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors

Analog Devices Announces Industry’s Highest Dynamic-Range (72-dBC at 180-MHz) Quad, 16-bit, 2.4 GSPS-D/A Converter, Supports All Wireless and Mobile Device Frequency Standards

IDT Introduces <50fs Additive Jitter Family of LVCMOS Clock Buffers

IXYS Adds 2000-V Power MOSFETs

MACOM Introduces 10Gbps Burst Mode Laser Driver with Integrated Limiting Amplifier and Clock and Data Recovery for Next Generation Passive Optical Network

MACOM Introduces VCSEL Driver and Transimpedance Amplifier with Integrated Clock and Data Recovery Chip-Set for 100-Gbps Applications

Texas Instruments Introduces Industry's Lowest Power 32-bit ARM MCUs Consuming 95µA/MHz

Vishay Intertechnology Wet Tantalum Capacitor Approved to DLA 15005, Offers Improved Vibration Capability, Thermal Shock, and Reverse Voltage for Avionics and Aerospace Systems

Kyocera Introduces Robust 4.2” and 5.0” TFT LCD Displays for Outdoor Applications

Linear Technology Introduces 20µA Op Amp Providing 1V/µs Precision

Microchip Announces CAN Flexible Data-Rate Transceiver Family That Meets and Exceeds Global Automotive Requirements

Semtech Announces Industry’s First Monolithic Quad CDR and EML Driver for 100G Applications

Silicon Labs Launches Low-Power Digital Set-Top Box Tuner Family

Older News

Featured Newspaper & Magazine Articles

What? You don't have subscriptions to all of the leading trade publications? Well, there's no need to miss anything because you'll find most of the feature articles about analog design and DSPs indexed here.

Featured Online Articles

Time for Multimedia SoCs to Get Their Analog Signals Right

March 4, 2015 -- Multimedia applications such as Digital TVs (DTVs), Over the Top (OTT) devices, and Set-Top Boxes (STBs) rely on digital and analog interfaces to transmit & receive audio and video content. The integration of digital interfaces is well established and understood; however, the integration of analog interfaces has usually been implemented with discrete external components. ... read more

Online since Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Online Articles

Featured Webinars

Choosing the Optimal Multiprotocol PHY IP for Your SoC

April 2, 2015, 12:0) Noon EDT -- For both consumer and enterprise applications, designers are required to balance features and performance with power consumption and cost. Power-efficient consumer mobile devices are getting faster in speed, but also run mostly in standby mode. On the other hand, next-generation data center equipment is facing growing demands for higher throughput and around the clock availability. The use models for consumer mobile devices and enterprise systems present different requirements of PHY IP for SoC integration, which in turn influence the design, implementation of features, and overall system cost.

This webinar describes the architectural differences between enterprise and consumer multiprotocol PHY, outlines the information you need to determine the optimal PHY solution for your SoC and offers an IP solution that meets your specific application design requirements.

What Registrant Will Learn:

  • Architectural differences between enterprise and consumer multiprotocol PHY
  • How to determine the optimal PHY features and performances for your SoC
  • An optimal PHY IP solution that meets your specific design requirements

Who Should Attend: SoC designers, design managers, system/chip architects integrating multiprotocol PHY IP into SoCs

Speaker: Rita Horner, Sr. Technical and Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Registration required.

learn more

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Recommended Tutorials & White Papers

IoT via Z-Wave: Bridging IP & Z-Wave for Low Power Mesh Network IoT

March 4, 2015 -- This paper discusses how low-power, ultra-reliable Z-Wave wireless communications protocol can be bridged with the Internet of Things (IoT) by assigning a unique IP address to each device within a Z-Wave network using the Z/IP Gateway. Z-Wave is already widely deployed in home security and automation systems with over 35M end nodes in devices from door locks to thermostats, lighting and sensors. ... read more

Interoperability in Connected Devices

March 3, 2015 -- There are multiple communication technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee that can be leveraged by a range of devices to communicate with each other. Innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) add another layer of complexity to the connected ecosystem. This makes interoperability absolutely imperative for the success of this connected world. This white paper discusses the various interoperability issues that are encountered when leveraging technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth and the ways to address them. It also talks about why interoperability is highly critical for mobile devices and how various companies are incorporating WiFi and Bluetooth services in their devices. ... read more

More Tutorials, White Papers, etc.

Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

Embedded Systems Conference Boston, May 6-7, 2015, Boston Convention Center, Boston.

ESC Boston invites you to join us for a robust technical conference and exhibition.  Choose from 8 program tracks including:

  • Connected Devices and the IoT
  • Hardware: Design, I/O and Interfacing
  • Prototyping
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Software: Design, Languages, & Quality
  • Fantastical Theater of Engineering Innovation
  • Teardowns: Wearables and Health Tech Devices
  • ... read more

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